Arrival in Brest

Yes, we finally made it to Brest!!  All students are safe and cozy with their host families and eager to continue learning French in a real French-speaking environment, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, sites full of history and delicious meals.

More to come next week!




11 thoughts on “Arrival in Brest

  1. Cindy & Jeff Marshall says:

    Hi Riley! So bummed we missed your call. You sounded good and I hope to get a chance to talk to you soon. Hope you are having fun. We’re sure you are tired, but know the jet lag will pass! Love you! Mom and Dad


  2. Michele Ashby says:

    So very excited for everyone! How cool to see everyone there smiling and ready for the experience and adventure. Have fun….be safe… love you Zoe!


  3. Alaina, Dad wants to know if you have had a chance to wear your trench coat. It’s hot and muggy here. I pray your class sessions are going well and you’re learning a lot. We miss you! Love you much! Mom and Dad


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