Week 5 in Brest

This last-but-one week has been more centered on our last days of school and in preparing for the Farewell Party (on Wednesday July 22nd) : we continue rehearsing for theater, choir, dances and some individual performances from the students.

We had a short visit to the Musee de la Marine (click here for some information http://www.musee-marine.fr/content/brest-musee-de-la-marine). However my camera was having some difficulties and I could not use it on Monday.

By Friday I had it fixed and we went bowling together: students, host families and instructors.

DSC_8534 DSC_8529 DSC_8526 DSC_8520

Next Friday July 24th will be leaving from Brest and heading to Paris. We can’t believe how quickly it all went!

All students are doing great and keeping themselves busy with rehearsals and very soon packing for Paris.

You can see some more pictures for this week here:



One thought on “Week 5 in Brest

  1. Mary Jo Classen says:

    Thank you Miguel. The pictures have been great. I can’t believe the trip is coming to an end. I know my daughter would love to stay forever. What a wonderful experience.


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